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I enabled Let's Encrypt free SSL certificates on my Django websites but had a lot of problems. This article covers how I resolved the issues with cPanel AutoSSL Django conflicts using valid mod_rewrite rules.

You can host a website anywhere but this blog post discusses key points you need to consider when picking the right web hosting company. If you don't your business and revenue generation will suffer in the long run.

You spend so much time growing your email marketing list but many times it just does not return the revenue you want. This is likely because your email strategy isn't using valid best practices and actually resulting in huge mistakes. The following 14 email list building mistakes can really hurt your growing business.

When I started developing on Django it because critical that I was able to support multiple Django and Python versions. The best practice way of doing this is using Virtualenv. This tutorial teaches you how to get virtualenv up and running with different Django versions.

If you haven't figured out by now, I am very interested in showing people how their mindset is probably the most important thing to manage. If you don't learn how to use this key component you just won't solve the challenges you face. This statement is backed up by Albert Einstein. Want to see how?

We all face personal challenges as we try to grow and improve. But, if you use this simple trick to face that wall, you can overcome it. You just need to change your perspective and how you decide to act. Learn how...

Life can be challenging at times, but if you learn how to use the be lived by life framework you can turn things around. You can experience a truly authentic, fulfilling, enjoyable and successful life. Follow these 4 principles so you can be lived by life.

Life can help support you if you allow it. But, that requires you to be willing to surrender and hear some of the messages it gives as long as tap into your intuition at a deeper level. You can break through that limiting paradigm you're stuck in if you really try.

Personal responsibility can be a tricky thing if you do not approach it the right way. Do you really follow the 6 key steps needed to be successful in taking ownership of your life and how you will respond each day?

A lot of times people think that they have a finish line they need to cross. So when they don't get there they think it is a bad thing. Actually there is a good and bad way to look at finish lines. How are you relating to them?

Are you able to look back at yourself over the past few years and find situations where you would be really pissed off or have a horrible day? Now do those same situations still bother you? If not, congratulations! If so, you probably need to do more work on yourself!

At some point in our lives we all have faced that wall of no motivation. Sometimes there are areas where we cannot get through that wall. The challenge you face can be overcome through clarity.

When you face resistance in life you need to start to get a feeling around the actual energy of that resistance. By doing this you are able to sense where it is and find ways to get past it. You can also transmute the resistance into helpful energy.

Life is filled with challenges that can really make us feel like we are unable to get ahead. Getting past those feelings is one of the hardest things a person can face. How you do it requires one step at a time.

Fear is probably one of the hardest things to overcome, especially considering your subconscious is doing everything it can to keep you held in fear. Understanding this is the first step to getting past it.