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Christiaan Stoudt

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What Is Your Finish Line?

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It is very easy for us to start to judge ourselves if we don’t make the progress we expected to. You really need to learn how to put the goals you have set in perspective to the larger aspect of your life. Good progress can be both a good thing and actually a bad thing.

During my transformation I had one point where I wasn’t making the progress I had hoped but I also was able to use that point in time to really compare what I have done to how I used to do it when I was younger. Below is the transcript from day 22 where I talk about this…

~~ Day 22 ~~

Day 22. So I found that I've gone many days without posting a video and that's a good and bad thing. The bad part is that I've gone a couple days without a video and I really don't have a good structure on how I am going to do the videos. The videos are really key to this. So I am going to have to put some effort on figuring out what content to provide, what type of message will be communicated, and just the general whole thing around this.

The good news is I've actually been doing some stuff. So I haven't been just doing day-to-day job work and day-to-day family stuff. I have actually been making progress in the direction I know I need to go. So that's good. It hasn't been fully the progress I want in breaking that fear limit. I am not really fully happy about that. But it's been good progress in setting up other things that are key and critical to what I need to do. You have to learn to balance that - between actually taking that fear on and understanding it and breaking through - and doing those side tasks.

I know I am in a point in my life now where I'll get through this. It's just a matter of when it will evolve and happen. I've been in the computer space since 1983. I've been doing BBSs, Internet in the very early 90s and stuff, with all the different ways of doing that and obviously as it matured into what it is now. I've been around it. But, I've always had a habit of 1 million different projects at the same time. Spend a few minutes here and spend a few minutes there. Never actually making any real progress towards the bigger goal. That's disappointing in some ways, but from another way it's actually not.

Because I know who I am now. I know that what I went through over those years and how I've changed considerably. It was worth it and is actually better now because the message I can communicate is a lot more grounded, a lot more holistic, and wise. Where before it was just me kind of winging it. Which wasn't great. I'm still winging it in many ways, but it's from a different perspective. That's really important. So never do those side tasks too long. But do them what you need to so you don't lose hope that you can attain your goals.

So the last thing regarding these videos is I really don't know where the finish line is. And since this is something I'm wanting to kind of turn into a product, I am going to have to spend some time on figuring out the message and where the finish line is. In life you don't need a finish line. The finish line is every single moment that you want to learn or grow. But a finish line in a product is really important. So for now it's probably going to be exactly what it is. Just a video diary that grows. And we will see how it matures. I'm hoping to spend some time figuring it out a little bit more so at least the messages are more interesting.

But it's been a good couple days. It's going to little faster than I thought. I need to continue forward so that I can really reach what I really want to be at by the time my birthday comes. I don't know if it's attainable, but I do know that I can see it and I can work towards that path.

So we will see how it goes. Talk to you soon.

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