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Christiaan Stoudt

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Transform your life or business into a new paradigm!

I define transformation as a change in form, appearance, nature, or character.

I offer Transformational Packages for both individuals and organizations who are committed to making a significant change by creating a new environment that lends itself to increased awareness, sustainable results, and constant evolution. My packages teach people and/or businesses to become inspirational leaders for themselves and/or others.

I will help you to aspire to reach your full potential and completely understand and realize that the secret to your success is by achieving a greater level of self-awareness. Through this process of discovering personal and/or business values, highest life purpose, and unique gifts, you are able to bring more of who you are into what is being done and allow you to step up and into a greater expression of yourself.

The information I provide during our sessions will be a catalyst to a better sense of fulfillment, success, and achievement. All packages are designed to optimize your results and increase momentum while being customized to the unique ways needed for your transformation.


You've overcome a series of challenges, survived, and feel a sense of accomplishment. You're motivated, see the silver lining in adversity, and are taking personal responsibility toward a better life, more income, and happiness.

This is for you if you can identify with the following:

  • Realize there is something greater for your life, but can't figure out how to achieve it
  • Have too many responsibilities to make progress toward your goals
  • Need help growing your income generation beyond 5 - 6 figures
  • Are serious about building true happiness into your daily life / career / business
  • Feel the environment around you and those you interact with is limiting you

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You've come to understand that you control your destiny in life and have seen many successes. You consistently achieve great things, but still struggle with a full agenda and notice that you are neglecting other important areas in your life.

This is for you if you can identify with the following:

  • You've found your mission, but to continue growing seems to just mean increased work and stress
  • Need help learning how to not be your own bottleneck and get out of your own way
  • Moving into income generation of multiple 6 figure and 7 figure levels
  • It's time to create a new model for success to scale your life and business
  • You need to create a high performance environment / team alignment to achieve your vision

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You've reached the pinnacle of life and business, but have realized there is a whole new mountain range to climb. This one is different in that it speaks to a grander paradigm and experience for your soul -- a true gateway to ultimate fulfillment.

This is for you if you can identify with the following:

  • Having challenges balancing all the different aspects of your life and career
  • Understand that is it time to start focusing on creating a legacy
  • Moving your income into a paradigm of explosive growth and philanthropy
  • Finding new ways to break through other aspects of limitations and blind spots
  • It's time to become an inspirational leader and change people and society on a grander scale

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Not sure which package to choose or don't see one that fits your situation?

Schedule a free strategy session anyway. We can discuss a tailor made package that will still get you where you need to go.