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Christiaan Stoudt

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“Absolutely brilliant!!! Christiaan brings order to the land of confusion along with a bright glimmering ray of hope when all else has failed in the realm of unanswered questions. An un-canning wealth of priceless information.”

If you are interested in directly working with me, here are some details . . .

Who do I work with?

I work in the "abstract arts." Due to this approach, I am able to apply my skill-set to a great range of situations -- an individual's personal life, entrepreneurs, start-ups, established businesses, and Fortune 100 companies. My clients find themselves facing some form of resistance or some type of steady state that just isn't allowing for growth or any movement forward. On the flip side, they might find themselves feeling that things are going great, but are missing an exponential growth opportunity because they aren't changing their mindset.

Ultimately, I do my best work in a scenario where everyone is ready for a paradigm shift in perspective and are willing to step into the transformation opportunity being presented. Whether it is an online business, a traditional company, or someone facing a challenging life experience, I am willing to invest my time in an effort to create growth and expansion in their current situation. To help them embody a new mindset and travel into a new life experience.

What can I help you with?

To create a personal and professional life that is more in alignment with your dreams and aspirations -- whether it is more money, joy, happiness, business growth, or a new experience that you always wanted. To do this, the model you are currently using needs to be adjusted to allow for your next step forward. In other words, the foundations used to get your business or personal life to the level it currently is at must be matured for you to move forward. I'll help remedy this by introducing a holistic shift in context and perspective to you that allows for blindspots to be removed and you to finally see the new direction you need to take.

Using various methodologies and disciplines, I partner with you at a time when you are open to a new authentic alignment that will produce exceptional transformation. Here are some points to consider regarding this shift you can achieve:

  • Revenue - monetary growth comes in various forms and I can help you decide what your next opportunity is and help you go about achieving it.
  • Strategy - whether you hit your yearly goals or not, do you have the correct strategic mindset needed to consistently leverage yourself and business in an exponential way?
  • People - do you have the right people in your life or on your team that can provide you the support needed to grow on a regular basis?
  • Process - together we will evaluate your systems and daily practices to help you cut through any resistance or challenges you are facing and bring about a new ease.
  • Body, Mind, Spirit - to experience a true paradigm change to your life and business you must change your perspective on all the components we cover.

Overall my approach will be to help you to gain clarity on what is currently the most important aspect that needs to change to bring satisfaction, joy, more income, and fun back into your experience. I provide various ways of working with me -- click the "work with me" menu to find the right one for you.

Why should you work with me?

I have had enough life and business experience to know what I am good at and how I can best help you. I won't waste your time and will ensure you are put on a path that is best for you whether I am working with you or not.

  • This experience is about YOU - I believe in full transparency and make sure that I let you know when I can help you and when I cannot.
  • My approach is always one that lends itself to making progress in an easy and focused way.
  • Simplicity is a requirement - The Universe runs on simplicity. The most complex systems can only be supported via the simplest systems. We will leverage that Universal truth and bring it into every aspect of your life and business.
  • Transformation is a must - You must be willing to move yourself into a new paradigm and be excited with the change you are about to experience.
  • Getting things done - I am here to be your advocate and play my role in our work together. But, you must be willing to do the hard work and take full personal responsibility for the changes we plan to make. Ultimately, we are here to change YOUR life -- so you must step into that role.

Do we sound like a match?

If anything I said above resonates with you in any way, then please reach out to me. The best way to determine this is just to start a conversation between us and see where it leads. A might be a good place to start.