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Christiaan Stoudt

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Christiaan Stoudt

Christiaan Stoudt's Bio . . .

So you want to know what I do?

It is common practice to ask what a person does and try to put them in a box. People do this to understand the person or see whether they can be helped by them or not.

Unfortunately, this practice can lead to a bunch of assumptions and generalizations being made about the person. Also, a person is not defined by what they "do," but by who the are "being."

So here is a little about me and who I like to be...

I believe in helping people and businesses take the next steps needed to transform and reach their biggest dreams. By working individually with businesses, organizations, or people I walk you through a process where you can adapt and change in a simple way.

In today's evolving world there is a democratization of information and society that is taking hold. Marketing is no longer about a conversation where a message is shouted to as many people as possible in hopes they will purchase a product. Instead, success only comes from having an authentic conversation with your customer that resonates with them and shows you as the true thought leader that you are.

You can truly step forward into the new generation with a strategic vision that keeps you ahead of the pack. I help my clients understand and implement a framework that delivers relevant information to their customer base and allows them to take part in the customer's evolution as well. All this results in a connection that makes the customer a member of your tribe and spending their purchasing dollars with you.

I believe life follows this directive and purpose -- more life to all.

This means that our purpose can change constantly and really is whatever we define it as in this present moment. Whether that is a parent, visionary, average daily job person, scientist, volunteer, or whatever.

Decide what you want to do and who you want to be in this very moment and take action on it!

How does that relate to me? My purpose is being a catalyst for whomever I come across and in contact with.

For my whole life I have believed in breaking the mold, creating anew, and walking the path less traveled. Or even better yet, blaze your own trail! It doesn't matter who I am dealing with -- individuals, businesses, or organizations -- it is my joy in life to help them think a different thought and find a new transformation opportunity to take.

I work in a holistic nature using abstract arts across the whole paradigm of the body, mind, spirit, and nature / universal laws. By learning how to approach life in your unique authentic way, you can take steps toward greater success and growth. This is a unique service I developed that helps people or businesses overcome the walls of resistance and current paradigm they are living in.

I do this because the core of my soul believes that the only law is that of love. By helping another excel and have joy in their life is the ultimate way to express love.

There have been people that have given their gifts of wisdom to me, which allowed me to find my purpose and truly understand why I am here on this earth. I only want to provide the same for others. Inspiring them to empower themselves and achieve their own greatness.

Warmest Regards,


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