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Christiaan Stoudt

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How Far Have You Come?

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A good example of how far you have come in your personal development is to look back at things that made you frustrated. Do you have a situation where you used to get pissed off or something that ended up just ruining your day? Now consider the same situation… does it still affect you the same way?

If you are taking your personal development seriously then you should have many situations where you are not being triggered as much by things that used to. If you don’t have many cases like that, then I would love for you to reach out to me so we can talk about it. The reason for this is because over the past few years I see many situations that no longer cause me the frustrations that they used to.

Below I discuss one example that really made me proud that I had moved past it. Here is the transcription from my 124 day transformation video recording.

~~ Day 14 ~~

Day 14. So the alarm wasn't set by accident and I woke up an hour and a half late. For me that's not too big of a deal because I get up very early. It just makes me deal with a little bit more traffic, and if you know Los Angeles that can be a pain. But again it's still very early.

It really helped me see how much I've changed over the past couple years. Many, many years ago, I would wake up late and I would be so frustrated. My mind would start racing and everything. I would just be kind of almost pissed off and it would just have the day start off horribly.

For me now, it didn't really even bother me. I was like oops. Damn. And then, you know, got to work to get out a house as fast as I could. But on the car ride over, I'm joyful, I’m happy. In fact, I said, what a perfect opportunity for me to see what it is like later on in the morning driving to work. Especially where I live now traffic wise and everything. To see if that's a good opportunity for me to actually start coming to work at this time - instead of as early as I did. I can get another hour and a half sleep. Which can certainly make a difference, especially when you get up to four in the morning.

So it just really was nice to see myself in the right frame of mind that anybody should really be. That you look at things that happen in your life as opportunities, not roadblocks or things to really ruin your day. I continued to think about how grateful I was just considering everything.

Also what I wanted to talk about was that since yesterday’s video I've really been noticing the energy from that fear limit that I have had. It is very obvious to me that by focusing on that energy that is being blocked by the fear, you can actually really get momentum. You can build momentum. You can change it to resolve and you can drive yourself forward.

When you usually hit a fear a lot of times you will hear a voice in your head to says you’re not worthy, oh it’s stupid, you don't know what you’re going to do, you’re going to fail. It can be all these different things that come to your mind to block you. That’s that fear.

For me, I don't really have any of those things. I've done a lot of work. I think I have worked through a lot of those different challenges. So if there's a voice - it's really small and it's really quiet. I do know there is one, but I need to sit down and really see what comes up.

Most of it has just initially been just kind action oriented. Maybe a little bit of not sure what it could do. You know, what you can do. But most it I think actually is kind of the reverse. Maybe a little fearful of the power within me. We are all divine. We are all gods in our own right. We are all part of source.

So for me, I think there is a little bit of a fear or a voice that's coming out. Saying, are you prepared to you handle what you're able to deliver to the world. I am working through that still. But it's a small voice. Mostly what it seems to be is just some other type of wall or energetic thing that's blocking me off.

So by focusing, like I said, back on the wall of energy that's being pushed up against it and kind of growing it, and playing with it, and everything. I'm able to work myself into almost that frenzy of resolve and I got a couple things done that I wanted to.

Hell, I just did two videos in a row. Two days in a row and everything. So that is actually just showing that while I haven’t broken and I haven't understood what the fear is to get past. I've been able to start your beating down the wall of it and sooner or later it will break through.

I needed work and talk to you in the morning.

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