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Christiaan Stoudt

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When you are facing challenges sometimes the easiest way past them is to go around. Learning how to take advantage of the energy you do feel and distancing yourself from the problem helps you creatively come up with new ways to overcome your situation. This is especially helpful when facing fear because it helps you gain a better perspective of what your fear is really about.

As I went forward in my 124 day transformation challenge, I learned a lot about actually feeling the energy of the challenge I was facing. Being able to sense it beyond just a mental block. See if you can try to get a more visceral feeling around a hurdle or resistance you face!

Here is the transcript from my log on that day:

~~ Day 13 ~~

Day 13. As I pulled into the parking garage at work, I identified with myself that I still haven't fully broken through my fear barrier. But, what I've noticed is that I’ve become very aware of the energy that is being blocked. That is the creative energy. The desire. The stuff that’s wanting to push you forward. Your true self. That’s really trying to drive you through that barrier, but your subconscious and your other fears are stopping you.

I've made some progress in getting past it, but one of the big things I noticed was a buildup of energy. So what I was able to identify was that you just stay focused on that energy. Notice it. Feel it. Kind of try to play with it. And what I'm noticing is, its building up more and more and it's allowing me to actually turn that energy into resolve to force through the barrier.

It is almost like you got a dam and you have this big wave of water that keeps pounding against it. So I am actually using that actually break through the barrier. It’s kind of an energetic level thing and obviously you kind of have to really be feeling and aware of it. But I've noticed that I really want to start doing that. I know that will really help me get to the point of breaking through the fear of inaction or whatever specifically it is.

I noticed that and as I was doing my gratitude stair stuff this morning it just became prevalent that I needed to tell you all about it. I needed to really start making a couple other steps forward that popped into my head. Actions that are not being blocked by the barrier. So it's kind of feeling like it's one specific set of things that I need to do, or actions, or whatever that the barrier is stopping. As I was doing other stuff it became evident that I could do this video real fast.

I could to continue to look for some other things that would be some good information for me. I could take some actions that were smaller - they were not the big one that I needed to take, but they were the smaller. So that helps build momentum that helps me continue to change that in energy into resolve and ultimately that will allow me to break through.

So have a good day. Talk soon.

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