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Developing a business that stays productive and is able to accept and embrace change is not an easy thing to do. You have to apply certain business mindsets. Here are 5 productive mindsets you should build your business on.

We all face the challenge sometimes of trying to get started on something or not feeling motivated. You can get past it by working on reframing the issue.

We all have faced the feeling of resistance or something holding us back from something we want. The question is how we respond to that situation. Have you taken the time to really investigate what is holding you back?

There comes a point in our lives where we see that there is a deeper change that needs to happen within us to achieve the ultimate goal of our soul. This is my quest over 124 days to transform and listen to the voice of my soul.

Negativity is something that you see everywhere in the world. My question to you, though, is do you see it as a gift and understand the real reason it is there? Or do you judge it and make every effort to stamp it out? Here is the correct way to deal with negative people.

Every day you should be present and evaluating the thoughts that you have and whether they are lifting you up and bringing you down. Through this conscious action you can finally start to decide on if you want to believe everything you think.

Your thoughts are more powerful than you might believe. Are you adding positive or negative energy to your life through the thoughts that you have? You might be surprised that just thinking positively will remove all that old negativity!

Developing the right type of organization that has the transformative power to change the world requires at least these 3 components to its design. Without them you do not have the foundational basis needed to survive a changing world.

Maybe the reason it is so hard to get a job in the world today is because it actually is an opportunity for everyone to become an Entrepreneur? This could be happening because the gifts we can give the world are greatest when they come from a passion filled individual.

The stroop effect is a perfect example showing us how easily it is for the subconscious and automatic parts of our brain to act over a conscious action.

Disruptive innovation is affecting almost every industry throughout the world so much so that our educational system is creating classes to teach it. The interesting part that no one really looks at is understanding why disruption is critical to nature's plan for humanity.

Through Quantum Mechanics we have the ability to prove so much of the way that the universe works and more importantly -- the spiritual nature behind it. Contextuality is key when dealing with quantum theory and your reality.

The time has come for democratization of the patent system. A once useful enablement vehicle is now stifling humanities ability to move technology forward by keeping control in the hands of a few powerful people. We need an open sharing of ideas and technology.

People that are not fully present just usually react to situations. If you wish to move towards responding to situations, then you need to be ready to ask yourself this questions constantly - who do I choose to be in this moment?

Since 1947 we have see Transactional Leadership grow throughout our whole business ecosystem. The real question is at what point will those it is used on decide that it is no longer effective?