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Christiaan Stoudt

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How To Change Your Life In 124 Days

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Over a year ago I said to myself, “I want to change my life.” It wasn’t like I had a bad life, but I wanted something better and there was always this voice down deep inside that said I should be having it. For most of my life I ignored that voice and even though I was successful, it was not what my heart said was correct. Life changes can be scary and there really wasn’t anyone around that could help me in the way I needed. So, I set on a quest for 124 days to find my answer and ultimately learned how to change my life completely.

During those 124 days I recorded video of my experiences as a journal to help me look back and how things progressed. I plan on releasing the videos, but right now I will be releasing the audio transcripts of my adventure in blog posts. Below is the first entry:

~~ Day 1 ~~

Hi, my name is Christiaan Stoudt. About 30 minutes ago while driving into work, I decided that I was going to change my life once and for all. Before my 43rd birthday, and today was going day one.

So, I looked it up. It's 124 days, which is 4 months and 4 days until my birthday. The interesting thing is, those numbers mean a lot to me and it just really helped anchor that I really need to do this once and for all. So your going to be watching over the course of these 124 days how I change my life.

This is my cube and I need to get back to work. It is six in the morning, but I need to start working. So, we will talk soon.

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Author Christiaan Stoudt

Christiaan focuses on transformation by helping businesses and individuals strategically evolve past their limiting paradigms allowing them achieve their true success and growth potential.

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