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Correct Way To Deal With Negative People

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How do you be happy when everywhere you look there is negative people or negativity in general? Well, I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that you will never be happy as long as you live a life where you define things as negative or positive. When you decide to live life in this context you open yourself up to a whole matrix of energy that is designed to reinforce the belief system. It will keep you stuck in a paradigm that will be very hard to get out of.

I really want to get to the heart of the problem here, so you will not be seeing a list on how to clear negative energy from your life. Instead, I want to give you a “mindset” that you can apply to your life so that you can understand why you shouldn’t be running from negativity and instead you should be embracing it.

The world and reality we experience around us is defined by a set of universal laws. Today we are going to discuss the Law of Polarity. Basically, this law states that you cannot have one thing without the other – everything is created as a whole. As an example, you can’t have up without down, left without right, abundance without lack, or even light without dark. The Universe is about balance and we are here to learn how to live in balance and in fact – to become balanced within and outside of ourselves. I think balance is a good word because so much of the world seems to be on a pendulum that swings from one extreme to another while people complain on both sides of the pendulum. Extremes give us so much opportunity to experience life in its multitude of facets. Yet, the middle ground is the true path to enlightenment.

I did a search on Google on ways to deal with negative people and came back with 50 million search results. I didn’t have time to read each and every page, but it seems that the consistent message is a list of various tips of how to eradicate negativity from your life. Unfortunately, as I said, you won’t get a list here and I want you to start seeing those negative people as a gift. I also want you to start seeing all that negative energy as something that you don’t judge. I know this is hard to do, especially when you might be the brunt of the negativity, but you really need to understand that you come to terms with negative thoughts and energy through surrender and not running from it.

When I work with people in my transformation business, I have more time to explain the nuances of this technique and why it is really critical. I don’t have that luxury here, but I will certainly do my best to try to explain. Without negativity we can’t have positivity. The same is true for the other way around – without positive energy we would have no way to comprehend negative energy. Reality is a contextual field; it is here to help us gain context on the experiences we have and how they feel to us in a physical medium.

So when you run from negativity or fight it, you are actually doing yourself a disservice because the energy you are experiencing in that moment is there for a reason. If you push it away from you it will keep coming back until it is heard. When you embrace it and surrender to it, you become present to it and that allows you to understand the context of it. Once you heard the message that it is trying to deliver and as long as you don’t judge that message, it will bid you farewell and go. What most people don’t understand is that they are attracting the negative energy in their life consistently because they fail to hear its message or they constantly judge it as a bad thing.

The Universe judges nothing because from its perspective everything is valid and supposed to be happening. For if it wasn’t supposed to happen – it wouldn’t. Since it did happen – it must have happened for a reason. Quantum mechanics is even proving this as we see more and more that thoughts have an effect on reality. One of the goals in your life is to learn how to understand why things are happening to you and see the thoughts that caused them.

So when you’re denying negativity or trying to eradicate it from your life, you are actually telling the Universe that what you are experiencing is invalid. Yet, if you read my previous two articles on, "don’t believe everything you think” and “the deeper meaning behind positive and negative thinking” you’ll get a lesson about how your subconscious mind is creating that experience you are having. On one hand you’re creating it and on the other you’re saying it’s invalid. Which is it?

Once you start allowing the negative things that are happening to just happen without judgment or resistance, you find yourself more in alignment with life. Those negative messages will be heard and understood, which gives you an opportunity to come to terms with whatever thoughts and actions caused them happen. When you take personal responsibility for this you will then see that on a conscious level you start making decisions that will no longer cause new negative messengers. This means that you are actually raising in vibration because you are allowing more and more of the world around you, in whatever context it wishes to exist in, permission to do so.

That is the balance I talk about. A person that is willing to allow life to live in whatever way it happens to without judging or separating yourself from it by denying that the experience shouldn’t be there. That you embrace within yourself both the positive and negative and see how because you do so you actually become whole. The more you live in alignment with life and its non-judgmental character, the less you will become aware of those experiences that you wish not to have. Because, when you let yourself be lived by life, life is going to bring you everything that it can based on its ultimate law – love.

Yes, the only correct way on how to deal with negative people is to love them. Love them for who they are and allow them to live the life they want to live. See how the life they want to live is different from the one that you want to live. Through this you will be exactly in alignment with life and both the positive and negative will take their separate paths. Why will this happen? Because as the law of polarity states – on each side the appropriate thing should sit. So negativity will be on one side and positivity on the other. Now you tell me because of the way the law works, which side will you and the love you give be sitting on by default?

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