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Christiaan Stoudt

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The Deeper Meaning Behind Positive And Negative Thinking

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Peace Pilgrim was quoted as saying, “if you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” She was a woman that stood for a peaceful world and was willing to act as an example to show others how to stand up for what they believed in. I did want to take some time to make some observations around this quote.

To think positive, or not to think positive – that is the real question. Those thoughts that you think are what create the results, circumstances, and experiences you have on a daily basis. This is something most people don’t want to believe in because it actually imbues them with great power and the ability to control the reality that they live in. On a deep psychological level this scares us because we are living in the world of the physical and not one of just spiritual. For a budding species like humanity that is coming to terms with both it’s mortality and the power it holds within itself, you can understand why we might not want to face the reality that our thoughts control everything. We really have not decided to take complete personal responsibility for just not ourselves but our whole species.

I think where this quote is limiting is in the assumption that you would never think a negative thought. Negativity in its own right is neither good nor bad, but what it (along with positive thoughts) really provides us is the ability to live in a contextual field. It is through this field of context that we are able to interact with the energy matrix of reality and decide what type of experiences we want to have. The real power behind your thoughts is the energy that they contain and how it can affect the world around you. The thought-form you create is a ball of energy that has the power equivalent to the strength of the belief that you hold behind it. Then this energy thought-form uses quantum mechanics to create the reality you experience. This is true whether it is positive thinking or negative thinking because as far as the Universe is concerned positive and negative are just different sides of the same thing.

The negative thoughts that you have actually create negative thinking patterns that are reinforced with more energy every time that you think them. This is true for positive thoughts as well. See them as waves that grow in intensity with each additional amount of energy that is added to them. Let’s use an example of two buckets being balanced on the scale filled with pennies. I give you a penny and I ask you for the thought you are thinking. If the thought is negative you put it in the negative thought bucket, and if it’s positive it goes in the positive thought bucket. I give you another penny and we repeat the process. You will quickly see that based on the types of thoughts you have – positive or negative – that the respective bucket will fill up and the scale will tip.

Let’s assume that you’re a person that constantly thinks negatively about everything or you’re someone that believes negative things about yourself. Your negative thinking bucket will be quite full and all the energy contained in the bucket will be directed into your life. That’s the power of negative thinking especially when you fill your bucket up. Obviously the same will be true for the power of positive thinking. How are you to get out of this negative thinking patterns? Well for every penny I give you you’ll need to start to think positive thoughts and put it in the positive thinking bucket. You could also use things like positive affirmations, inspirational thoughts, or anything that’s beyond positive thinking in its context. Basically, anything that has uplifting value in the way that it is defined.

So I keep giving your pennies and you continue to do good and think positive thoughts which in turn fills your life with positive energy and you will start to see good things happening to you. But, here is where we need to move beyond a binary thinking mindset and see the world in more of a multidimensional facet. Just because you started thinking good thoughts doesn’t mean that you’ve emptied your negative thought bucket. In fact, it’s still filled with all the pennies that you put into it earlier and negative things can still happen due to the energy there. The reason this happens is because the subconscious mind creates reality based on your belief structure. The only way to get rid of those negative pennies is to face them and transmute them. This is a law of science; energy cannot be created or destroyed – it can only be transmuted. Sooner or later you will need to face the negative energy that you created. How you transmute it will be up to you. You can do it through a lot of effort or you could get rid of it through just mere thought. It really matters where you are on your path towards enlightenment.

Here is the good thing about all those negative thoughts that you had. They gave you negative experiences that allowed you to see life in that context. You now have the power of conscious choice to decide whether you want to continue to experience the negative side of things or if you want to start to experience the positive. As I said, the Universe does not mind what you experience – it is only there to manifest it for you. The challenge you will have is learning how not to judge your experiences, but to make a conscious choice as to which one you want to experience. This will be made even harder because the society and world that we live in tends to fill their negative buckets more than their positive ones. This isn’t actually their fault, it is just that the ball of negative thinking has been rolling for so long that is not easy to stop. Basically, we haven’t faced that negative energy from our ancestors and transmuted it.

When we finally take the time to become fully present with that negative energy we will see the power of presence and how it is able to allow the energy to dissipate and be transmuted into what we decide it to become. That really is our birthright, to decide in the type of world and reality that we wish to create.

So, my friend. Here’s a penny for your thoughts. Which bucket do you plan to put it in?

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