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Christiaan Stoudt

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Hard Time Getting Started

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Have you set any goal or determined what your greater expression will be? If not, you should take some time and sit quietly to see what comes up. If you did set a goal or something, have you noticed anything happen that shows you some support on it? Even the smallest thing counts!

Yes everyone does can get into a situation where they are having a hard time getting started on something; even if it is important to them. How do you get past it? Well, that matters for each person, but it starts with some type of intention. You could even have an intention to just help you get started! This might help get motivated.

The key thing to focus on for the first few days is to stay present and focused and see what messages or opportunities come your way. Both good and bad! Also, I want you to journal on how it is hard for you to get started or what is stopping you from getting motivated! Let me give you a secret little tip - the first step to anything is understanding it and gaining clarity.

Here are the transcripts from day 4 of my 124 day transformation challenge:

~~ Day 4 ~~

Today was day 4 of my new challenge for myself and it still is a little hard to get started.

I went to an event last night that continued what I would say is my showing from Universal or the signs from the Universe. I got into spot 44 for my parking and I sat in seat 104. I know that sounds stupid, and the whole episode here going forward isn’t really going to be about that. But, it was something that just helped keep me grounded in really understanding that what I was doing for myself was the right steps, and that I really need to stay present and focus on what was said during the event. It was an all-day event. It was good. I got the information that I think actually will help me as I start to develop the series that this is going to be about. It was all about story and really explaining where the person’s come from, how they got where they are, and where they're going.

That's exactly, as crazy as it sounds, what I was trying to do with this. So I think the challenge will be, how do I evolve this going forward and how do I make it so that you are inspired to go forward in your own life. To set your 124 day step into greater expression, you could say, of yourself, or your company, or your relationship, or whatever it is. Because that's really what this is about.

So, I’m going to continue to check in and I will be augmenting these episodes with more information in the blog and on the website, etc. Right now, though, I expect it to take a little bit of time especially in beginning as I do this to really get ramped up. That I know I’m starting slow, you could say, but I'll be ending strong - for certain.

But we all are headed in the right direction, and I'm really still enthusiastic about this and I won't stop. So I just wanted to check in and I will check in either a day or two or whenever it hits me up. I'm staying right here and let you know what I'm proceeding with. But, the first thing is I did my second video so I can't be too sad - I'm on the right path. Thanks.

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