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Christiaan Stoudt

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Simple Beginnings For An Entrepreneur

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If you look around you probably will notice that it’s harder and harder to get a job. In some places over 50% of the young adults coming out of college are not able to find any work at all. Unfortunately, this is a trend that’s actually going to increase. Even though almost everyone you talk to will believe that this is a horrible thing; I actually think that it’s a blessing in disguise. Both mine and my parent’s generation lived in a world where there was an easy path to getting a job. This gave us an opportunity to quickly enter the workforce, but what we did was very likely not linked to the passions of our heart. Ultimately, this led to two generations of people that were not fulfilled in their life. I believe that a greater intelligence saw that this wasn’t a sustainable model so our reality changed and a job crisis was manifested.

When you look at the law of polarity, both the question and answer right beside each other but on opposite ends of the spectrum. So this job crisis provides the appropriate resistance so that our younger generations will spend more time evaluating what they truly want to do and hopefully following their dreams instead of following the herd. Entrepreneurship is the way that our future generations will make their income. This is needed because it provides one of the easiest ways for us to become aligned to what our true passions and make money. But to become an entrepreneur there are certain characteristics of behavior that you must be willing to follow. They are:

1) You must be willing to get started right away on what inspires you. Planning is important to running a business, but first you must be willing to go out into the marketplace and find your customer as well as what they want to buy. Those that fail are the ones that think they know what the market wants without actually having the proof to back it up. Another reason you want to do this is it allows you to make mistakes to quickly learn from them.

2) You need to learn to be iterative on how you do things and provide only the resources needed to get past the step you currently are on. This isn’t just done so that you can have a lean business, but to also make sure that you don’t waste or over allocate resources. Additionally, it forces you to stay focused on the step directly ahead of you and not something far in the future.

3) You must quickly respond to market or customer changes. Since you are being agile in how you do things and frugal with the resources you allocated, this allows you to stay present and detect changes that occur. If your customer has a different need you should be able to satisfy it quickly because you’re focused on them and not something very far in the future.

4) Most importantly you must be following your heart and the passion that emanates from it. One of the key reasons being an entrepreneur is important is because it puts you in a position that you will be forced to grow consistently as an individual. When you follow your heart and grow as a person the gifts that you give the world are only bigger and bigger.

One last word of advice. Remember that like they talk about in cognitive behavioral therapy, it is really your thoughts that create your feelings, behaviors, and what you experience. It is not external things, like people, situation, and events. If you are able to stay in this mindset you can start to understand the spiritual gift of what being an entrepreneur is really about. You also find a deep sense of gratitude that it was so hard for you to find a regular job like what your parents had. It was Napoleon Hill that said, “Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.”

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