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Christiaan Stoudt

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Do You Listen And Challenge Yourself?

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During an average day, how many times do you hear the voice of your intuition? How often do you actually follow its advice?

An interesting point to challenge yourself on, though, is whether what you think is your intuition is truly your intuition! What other messages and hints are being presented to you during that day that say the same thing as your intuition did? The only way to really tell is to be as present in the now as you can. That will help to develop your intuition.

It is very easy for people to think their intuition is talking to them when in fact it is their subconscious or a part of them that is controlling the way they live. Usually this is not in their best interest.

On day 25 I talk about the need of people to surrender to life and hear/see the messages that are being given. When these messages become aligned to that voice in your head, then you can be assured you are on a true path.

Here is what I say…

~~ Day 25 ~~

Day 25. So an interesting thing just happened. I was deciding on what I was going to video today and it was going to be about staying focused on what you're doing. But recently over the past couple days I came across some information that was really interesting to me. I knew it would take me forward very far in what I'm trying to accomplish for myself. So I've kind of thrown myself completely into it. Reading and doing a lot of research and getting as much information as I can.

I was going to talk about how important it is to stay focused on your goals, but when you come across something that's key to you, that you do put effort towards it. You know, I was thinking about that and then something happened that got my attention that really gave me kind of a message that said - your past a section in your life and you really need to get focused on that next phase and you've got to do it now.

It's kind of funny how if you really start to stay present and you start to listen to what's happening and be aware, you're able to kind of be lived by life. Life will actually help you in the process of you living. It will give you information. Nature and everything will actually just give you what you need to take you to that next step.

But, you really have to have the guts and you have to be willing to challenge yourself. That you are willing to put yourself out there that far. That you are willing to really have the courage to surrender completely to life and allow it to tell you what to do. People might see that is weak, but in reality it's a paradox that through complete surrender you have the most power.

So this kind proved it to me again on how important is to start to really talk about being lived by life. In that, I was going to a video and it was going to talk about redirecting yourself towards engaging in something that you see is important. Even though you know you need to do it quickly and efficiently. And here it is in a message that hadn't shown up in a while, you could say, blatantly within a few minutes of thinking that previous thought. It said, “yeah you can do this, but you've got to move to this other thing. You've got to start focusing on this next phase. It's needed. It's required.” So it just really is interesting.

I hope you can challenge yourself to start letting that information that's being given to you daily, come into your life. Be aware of it. Be surrendered enough to actually look and challenge yourself to think differently. To act differently. To just be willing to say - maybe the world and maybe my life isn't exactly the way I thought it was.

When that new information comes, grab onto it, and learn what you can. Break down those old paradigms that you have of yourself. But through this also know that, that purpose you have and that mission - that it is critical that you do everything you can. Every moment of every day to push yourself forward towards that.

That's my message for today. We will talk again soon.

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