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Christiaan Stoudt

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How To Live Life To The Fullest

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Over the past few years I have developed a methodology on how to live life and make it more enjoyable, better, fulfilling, balanced, authentic, and successful. It helps you move towards living a life that matters. The four principles of this framework were created as I spent time looking at my own life, doing extensive research on various subjects, and noticing what trends were becoming present in our world.

I have a special program where I take people through this framework and help them overcome whatever challenges they face in life. If you are interested you can find out more information vis this link.

The interesting thing is that during my own 124 day transformation I was able to get the key components that helped me understand why the framework needed only 4 sections. In today’s video I just give a quick overview.

~~ Day 26 ~~

Day 26. So I want to talk a little bit more about the be lived by life concept.

So I would say, about 2005, my life had gotten to the situation where it was going well in many aspects. I felt, you know, situated. Just good. But there were many areas that I was not happy in. It was about that time that I believe I made that shift in consciousness. Where you're at that road where you can go the left route or you can go the right route. I decide to go the way that I need to go.

Since 2005 my life has constantly changed in many ways. Radically at times. Very radically even at other times. Slowly in certain ways, etc. But, I've been on that path to the realization of just myself. What I'm here for. What I need to do with my life.

You know, I find myself now and it's many years later - obviously it’s 2013. I can be very happy on where I've been able to take myself. I can look back and be proud of the moments. Disappointed in other moments. In certain other moments I know I need to try harder. I have a lot of different perspectives and contexts that you are able to put yourself into when you look back that long. But, I'm in a good place. I know it's a momentum type thing. I'm just where I need to be. Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Some people might say, you could have done so much more. I could have. But I really do believe - you are where you are in life for that reason. That perspective that you have at that point, if you really look at your life, is needed for a specific case.

Honestly in this case, it's needed for what I'm trying to communicate now. Because if I didn't have that perspective and I couldn't look back. You know, if I looked back and I had been a billion times farther in a shorter time - it would only maybe connect with certain people. And if I had not made much progress at all - it would only connect to other people. But I think I'm trying to hit that group of people to connect to that need kind of a story that sounds like mine.

So I've really learned that, since 2005, that my life has been going a certain way. It's only up until the past two or three years that I've been able to really communicating it clearly. And that's really to live life from kind of four principals - joy, gratitude, love, and surrender. I believe that is one of the most in alignment type of ways to meet nature and live your life.

I’m still finding ways to communicate that people. As I more and more ground myself in those four principles, it really allows me to feel in sync with life in many ways that help you just grow. Just like a tree would grow. So over the course of various videos I’m going to give probably more and more details. Obviously I've got a site that covers this more in detail separately than here.

I do believe in this foundation of knowledge and this approach that I've been doing. Finally I’m in a situation where I can concisely and clearly communicated it to those outside of myself. This really puts me in a good spot to talk about other ways that I have always tried to approach my life and I really believe is critical. Which is to just step into greater expression and to just constantly move forward. That is natural progression.

That is the way I approach myself, the way I approach my business, and way I've approached my professional career. It does give you value, and it does just make you feel good inside when you're able to look back on that and know what you've accomplished. You always know what you haven’t. You've always got that goal to hit. But, even if you don't get it, that process of trying to get there is really enough.

So that is a little bit about being lived by life and I will give more later. Take care.

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