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Christiaan Stoudt

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How To Overcome Challenges

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Today is day 33 of my 124 transformation. I noticed that time seems to speed up when you go from three digits to two digits left. I noticed that there was more energy and motivation as I slowly come over the fear barrier I talk about.

One of the best tricks to get past your challenges is to be like water. Find things that keep the pressure on that challenge but help you slowly break through it. Or other things that keep you inspired. Don’t focus on the negative aspect of the challenge but the positive stuff.

Watch the video or read the transcript below.

~~ Day 33 ~~

Day 33. It's been a while. The good news is, I've been really busy. I've been making a lot of progress on those side little things that I knew I needed to do. The ones that were coming in and keeping me from crossing that fear barrier. You know, that fear limit we had talked about.

As I said, you know when you've got something you need to do. You keep going against it. That you need to kind of be like water and you need to just find every way possible to keep moving forward. Even if it isn't always the right major direction you to go because it still forward. As long as you don't make that habit, and that is where you spend every minute of every day for the rest of your life. Or for whatever amount of time. It's okay to do it for a while.

I have done it for a couple days. It's been a while since the last update. That's okay because I’ve really made progress. And now I'm at this point where, the reason I'm kind of happy, is that I got the major components that I needed up. So now there's no other type of discussion that I can have with myself except to start doing the content that I need to do. That's good.

I still find myself getting these feelings or these intuitions to do something. Like a recent article came across that really talked about something that was critical for this step that I was at. I found myself almost wanting to buy this guy’s program that he had and spend weeks to focus on really developing that area. That's great. I can do that. But, I can't do that and focus 100% of my time. I need to do that on a smaller segment and really start focusing a major part of my time on growing I what I really need to do. So I am going to do that.

One interesting thing was as I watched the days, because I do have on the wall a printout for my 124 days. I just have that to remind me what my mission is here. What my goal is. What, even though it's kind of gray as to exactly what finish line is, that I've got a limit here. That I’ve got a date that I set for myself. So I have watched those days diminish greatly.

It was very interesting when it was like day 101. I was like, wow, we’ve gone through X number days, etc. Then I got distracted for a day or two. Then I looked at the calendar and the little sheet that I have on this webpage that shows days and it was like 98. A weird feeling came across because all of a sudden I went from like three digits to two digits. You know it is still a long way away. But, I could just feel like all of a sudden it felt that the clock was so much smaller than it was before. I'm like thinking, oh wow it is going to be 90 days. And before you know it, it is going to be 60, 30, and then my birthday is here. Will I be where I want to be? It just was an interesting feeling. I didn't dwell on it too much, but I went ahead and I noted it and said, “Good. Gives me a little bit more passion to continue driving harder and harder and harder.” Then I just went back to doing what I was doing and was really happy with myself.

So I have also found that as I've got into more alignment in what I'm trying to do, there's been more energy and there's been more passion. I guess you could say power. I’m still having challenges within the intuition. In really sitting down and having a clear concise idea of what I need to talk about, what I need to do in that moment you know. Have it just flow out of me. But, I think that's probably a lot because of the situation I'm in on a personal level, house dynamics, some current job dynamics, and just overall other things that are really making it hard for me to get in and stay in true alignment of who I am now.

But, I did notice that the energy perspective has been a benefit to me. So, you know, even though I awake up normally at four in the morning and at work by about 5:30 or so and I'm going at it. Then I get home mid-to-late afternoon and then focus on my second job. My new phase of life. I would hit phases where I would get really tired. I just kind of from an overall energetic level get tired and want to fall asleep and you just don't have any go. Well this weekend I really notice that I had a-lot of go. You know I was up till midnight.

I know for some people that is not a big deal. For me to actually be up to midnight and actually have energy and still almost wanting to work a full next day. Not stopping is good because that shows me that I'm really starting to hit some passion. That I need to have. Which really fuels me because, when I was younger in previous situations, when I knew I was in areas that were congruent to who I was or what I needed to do - there was a lot of passion. I could work a lot. Focused a long time. So this is good for me. I know I'm getting that alignment. I know I just need to redirect it a little bit more. Of course I ended up going to bed because I would be a basket case the next day or two days later. Which isn’t good with just everything going on. How would you make progress anyway. I got some sleep and then just started out the next day.

So we are going to keep doing this obviously and continue to give updates as things progress. We will see how it goes. Thank you.

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