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Christiaan Stoudt

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Why Changing Your Mindset Solves Problems

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When facing problems do you really take the time and attempt to approach them from a different mindset? It is quite common to have someone else provide an outside perspective to help you overcome those walls you just cannot break through.

Unfortunately, you cannot always have an outside perspective for some issues because it might just provide the wrong context. But, you can take this quote I talk about on day 34 from Albert Einstein and use it to break through whatever is holding you back.

In fact, you should consider adopting this mindset permanently in how you look at the world. I work with people all the time trying to help them do this so they can become successful.

Here is the transcript from today’s video…

~~ Day 34 ~~

Day 34. Today I want to talk about a quote from Albert Einstein. It is important to me in many ways. I use it a lot at the current job I am at. Trying to get people to see things differently. I know it will become one of the founding principles of the various products that I do as I move forward in the next phase of my life.

Again it's from Albert Einstein and basically it goes, “you can't solve your current problems with the same mindset that created them.” So if you really think about it, it's a valid quote. It really help put perspective on things. The challenge that I find is people say it or they hear it and they understand it but they don't really know it. There is a common theme across much of life about people knowing things, but not really knowing it. It all comes down to a practice of whether you're really going to apply those principles that you say you know.

I really do appreciate this quote a lot. Obviously he was a brilliant man. I think his brilliance really sometimes goes unnoticed because everyone thinks about the more practical aspects of what he does but not from a more spiritual and guiding principle of life that he gives. This is one of those classic quotes that really communicate that.

Everything you do in life you set yourself up for what you're going to experience. And if you don't change that perspective about what your experiencing, and how you interact with people and everything, you really won't change anything. It might look a little differently. You might perceive it a little differently. But probably in reality when you really take the step back and you change that mindset, you'll find out that 9 times out of 10 you were not doing anything differently. You are just like wearing a different set clothes the next day. The still all are clothes.

My current role is really important in this because I am a change agent. One that focuses a lot of transformation. Obviously the direction I'm going with my life, now in the phase that I want to try to move my business and stuff, is related to this. So it has always been very important to me that I have a different mindset. That I change perspective. That I'm willing to look at things a little differently. It has always really, the more I think about it, been one of the key things of my life.

There were times when that ability to change perspective and that drive change perspective, change my mindset and think about things differently actually caused me pain. Made me feel like an outsider and everything like that. It was only through the process of really coming to understandings that it wasn't because you were different or whatever in a bad way. It was that you were who you were and you just weren’t in a scenario or a situation where it could be appreciated. I wear my heart on my sleeve a lot. I think you should lead with your heart. Of course you get beat up in the process sometimes. It's coming to terms with that and understanding it. In the phase that I am now, I still find every day how I can change my mindset. Change your perspective and grow internally and externally and in all aspects of yourself.

I think you all should take to heart that quote. If you've heard it before, great. If you haven’t, really sit down and look at what's happening in your life and how you can change your perspective. More importantly, in some ways, in regards to business. This because it's a groupthink and because it's outside of one mind, that's why I think this quote is really important in relations to business. Because everybody is focused on one aspect and they're not willing to change the mindset. You know it's hard enough as an individual to rise above that challenge and to accomplish something. But, in a group scenario where you have different minds, different political, economics, social, and technology challenges and everything is a little bit harder to do.

That's why that quote is so important. You are welcome to use it. Obviously I didn't come up with it, Albert did. But I challenge you to use it in your life daily.

That is it for today. Take care.

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