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Christiaan Stoudt

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How To Face Fear

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As you start trying to change your life you are going to come across some major resistance that presents itself as fear. Your subconscious likes to keep things as they are so trying to adjust your life will result in you needing to learn how to handle fear and even more sore facing your fears to overcome them.

We all have various lists of fears and fear limits that we need to get past. Have no fear, though, because you can do it will a little work. Honestly, it also doesn’t matter how long it takes. The important thing is to face whatever the fear is that you have. One at a time.

~~ Day 9 ~~

Today is day 9 and I’ve hit what is my fear limit. This is a subconscious thing and it happens when you sit down and you notice that you are losing energy, intuition, inspiration. Things that want to drive you towards completing something.

For me, it’s sitting down and doing tasks to actually execute on my business. Also, I noticed that this fear limit has caused me to want to redirect my energy back towards my job. Now that's a good thing in the time that I need to execute and complete on my job. But it's a bad thing, because I'm a very driven person and I want to do good. So I can find myself going way above and beyond what I need to at work level.

Now its not to say that I don't want to give everything I can to keep my job and to make my company excel in that perspective. But, for where I am in my life I know I've done that far too long and I need to redirect that energy back inward towards making myself successful in the world in a dynamic that will take me farther. Because I really have, at most levels, topped out and hit that glass ceiling at work. The only way to excel, is to move farther and farther into management. And that's great, but it's not going to give me the money. It's not give me the learning experiences that I really want on a much broader sense for my whole person. My whole being. My whole soul.

So at that point I really have come, over the past couple years, to a point where I know - work is work and it's great. And I’m going to continue to learn what I can learn there because I am there for reason. But, energetically and execution wise, I’m going to limit what I do there, and I’m gonna put the rest of that and everything else I have towards my job. I am sorry, my new job, you could say. Consulting or whatever this business turns into. So what I've notice, though, is that when I sit down my mind kind of starts thinking about other things. My body loses energy. I don't have the intuitions. I don't the energetic go that you get when you want to do something. And it's not like I don't want do it and I haven’t but it's like there's this wall that stopping me.

So what it is is its my subconscious trying to keep me safe. And before I didn't really know that, but over the past year so this is really become evident. I’ve become very aware of it on many levels and I know I need to break my fear limit. Because if you don’t, what ends up happening is your subconscious wins. It figures out of way to keep you from ever going there again and it keeps you back.

I have seen that happen when I look back over my life. Now that I’m really aware of what the fear limit was. And I’ve seen how in my early stages of life, I would make certain decisions and would be pushing towards something that I wasn't comfortable on or had some level of fear. Something would happen and I would make this assumption or this decision and that I never go back. And I would continue down another path.

Here I am much later in life and I'm still wanting to do those things. But now, I know that those decisions that I made then or those set of circumstances that I put a story around. I’m not worthy, or I am not able to, or it was them, or whatever it might be - it was just bad luck. Whatever it was. I know it wasn’t correct and I know what it now. I know how to beat it. Its just it is hard to get through it, especially when you're at where I am with what I'm trying to break through.

So, that’s kind of where I am on day 9. I’ve got a fear and it's kind of broad, but it’s this wall and every time I sit down it just kind of holds me back. So I am going to give ideas on how to break through it as I break through it. And, you know, give inspiration to people and show you really that you can. Because once you break through it, what happens is you created a new reality or dynamic. You’ve broken past an energy block and then a new flood of energy will come in.

I know that and so the first way to start breaking this is to actually just become aware of it. Know that when you sit down to do what you're trying to do, or talk to that person you're trying to talk to, or excel or do whatever it is you're trying and all of a sudden something seems to happen that blocks it. Nine times out of ten, that’s really your subconscious creating a scenario or event that is there to keep you safe. So identify that, become aware of it, and just sit on it - and then you will break through it. So that is where I am on day 9.

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