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Christiaan Stoudt

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Understanding Life And Your Purpose

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Everywhere you look there are articles talking about finding your purpose in life or understanding life in general. Humanity as a whole has always been on a quest to answer key questions about themselves, nature, and the Universe. After thousands of years we still ask the same question and each and every time are provided back the same answer. Yet as a whole, humanity continues to prove that it has failed to hear that answer. Are you one of those that fail to hear the answer?

It is not difficult to understand even on a conceptual level what the answer is if we are willing to hear it. To hear it, though, you must be willing to work within the specific law that the Universe uses to give you the answer. In his book, "Working with the Law", Raymond Holliwell has a great quote: "His real task in life is to find his place according to his understanding, and that understanding determines the way he lives life."

Replace the word "his" with men, women, people, humanity, or whatever, but understand that the key to understanding life, your purpose, or anything is completely related to level of understanding you can obtain. If you strive to keep an open mind and are willing to strip back your previous understanding of a subject and recreate it, you will go far in life. If you don't, then you will stay where you are. Raymond uses responsibility and burdens as part of his explanation around changing your understanding of something.

Have you ever asked yourself what your true responsibility in life is or what your true burdens in life are? Before you list them out, stop and consider the source of the definition of those things. Did you commit to it or is it a previously defined society rule or belief? See how within these few simple sentences your understanding has completely been changed around what are your own thoughts and those decided for you by society or someone else.

Truth is the great leveler of empires and people alike. Not truth created by humanity or an individual, but truth shown through nature and the Universe. That is the law that Holliwell talks so much about and when you follow it, you shall be set free. Free to the point that you can live in the present, do your highest duty every day, and let go of the past and allow the future to manage itself.

You might doubt that this truth exists, but if you look around you will see evidence of an invisible intelligence pervading everything even to the point of your own mind and body. Unfortunately, your level of understanding will decide if you really can see the evidence for what it truly is or if you write it off as coincidence, an accident, or some other way to deny truth. So, your ability to comprehend is either diminished or enhanced based on the openness of your mind (consciousness) to take in conflicting evidence of your current belief or value structure.

See life as a skyscraper in a busy city. At the lowest levels of the building you can only see the sewer sludge, rats, and the deepest, darkest parts of world - life just sucks. Rise up to the ground floor and there are millions of busy people rushing around mostly worried about themselves and frustrated with the masses. Work your way up a few more floors and because there is a bit less noise, the view is able to start to change in that within all those people there are acts of love and ones of no love. Go up even higher and you start to see the ebb and flow of the city as a whole - the individual people somehow coalescing into a larger organism. Higher than that and these organisms (countries maybe?) act almost like individual people themselves with acts of love or no love for the greater world. One more level up and you see the planets of our solar system and how they affect our life and even other solar systems and their planets. Now on the top floor of this incredibly high skyscraper and you see how everything from the sewer sludge to galaxies and how it all ebbs and flows to create the Universe.

Each level of that skyscraper is a new level of understanding. Find the floor of understanding that you are currently at and see what life looks like from that viewpoint. Do you now see how that understanding affects your viewpoint of the world and the way you live in it? Might it be time to move to a higher floor or maybe even the penthouse?

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