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Christiaan Stoudt

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The Paradox Of Life

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In writing one of my recent posts providing answers on coping with life I mentioned that life is a paradox. It really is interesting how many situations in life will be created where both sides of the situation are true. There is actually a law of paradox, but I plan to talk about that at another time. Additionally, this paradoxical reality is linked to the law of polarity which I will also cover at another time. The reason for this is I want to have a whole category where I write only about universal spiritual laws. So for right now I am going to keep this post focused on the paradoxes of life and what you can learn from them.

I really believe life is a paradox through nature because it wants to provide ways for people to change and see a different perspective. Both things must exist in a situation for the other side to be true. That is the linkage to the law of polarity I was talking about. Overall, the paradox of our life is there to instill consciousness through the difference of perspective. Imagine being in a situation where you want something so bad but no matter what you do you cannot get it. Then once you surrender and do not care anymore about it, the thing you wanted is delivered to you. How crazy is that! Well that is life and nature in action.

Things happening like this can add confusion and frustration to a person's life if they are not in the right mindset. I cannot stress enough that it is very important to have the right mindset when trying to understand the meaning of paradox in life. If you make that effort, you allow yourself to be put in a situation where you can understand the messages that are being sent to you through the opposing situations. These messages from life are built in a specific way based on spiritual laws that are designed to show us the way yet always provide us the opportunity of free will and choice.

It is through this way of free will and choice that you can make a decision and see the results of it. If this decision is one that really is not one that leads to more growth and life for all, then usually there is some type of resistance that starts or the opposite of the action is seen in your reality. This opposite is there to help you see the other side of the coin and give you a chance to choose the path of more life to all. Free will allows us to continue to choose ways that are not the best for ourselves or others around us.

Of course this is not what a lot of people want to hear, especially those that use every opportunity to speak about the wrongs in the world. Like those that must fight against war, hunger, unequal rights, etc. The universe does not care about this and allows all realities to persist. This will happen until such time where that path is just absolutely not needed for more life to all. At that point, a situation will arise where it is no longer part of our reality and ceases to exist. On a personal level this will be less noticeable than on a cultural or world consciousness level.

An example of this paradoxical life situation proving itself through a person's life might be related to a dysfunctional relationship. Constantly there will be opportunity for the person to leave the situation but they might choose not to and stay in the relationship. So even though there is much pain, there is on some level more life or growth. When that growth hits its max capacity then a situation will be manifested where the relationship must end - like a divorce. Or at least it will change in a way that will create another whole line of growth opportunity in its new context. On a cultural/world level an example was slavery. It did not go away in the first attempts to remove it from our reality and instead went through different iterations until it was removed on a much greater level. We still see it but in a much different context than it was before. It is still true to our reality because it must exist until our consciousness on a world level no longer needs it for growth.

It all comes down to our willingness to choose and look at the world in a mindset that allows us to understand the message life is giving us. That is why life continues to give us all examples of paradox so that we all have the ability to compare and contrast the situations and finally all choose the same path. Until that happens we will never remove it from our consciousness.

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