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Christiaan Stoudt

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Make Peace With Your Past To Help Quit Your Job

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Right at this moment you are resonating with a specific mindset that creates the world around you and what you experience every day as well as who you interact with. You have a choice on how you wish to perceive this reality and whether you want to raise or lower the type of experiences and interactions you have. For a person that is trying to find a reason to quit a job the usually will find that everything related to their job is horrible and something they want to get away from. They likely will project their issues to the people around them or the circumstances of their daily work responsibilities.

For a time I was in a situation where I really hated my job and I would look back at my past and use it as a reason my life was not working or should have been working. How do you view your past? For me, I had to go through a mindset shift that made me make peace with and learn from my past. Are you able to get over your past like that? Sit down and honestly look at your past experiences and your current job situation and try to see everything in a new light. Listen to your internal dialogue when you think about your job and from a third party perspective decide if what you are saying is fair or not.

How do you find purpose in life? By understanding and making peace with your past, learning from it, defining yourself in a new way, and really consider whether you have a real reason to quit your existing job. People usually give their own power away through the story they create about their past and current living circumstances. They will cling to the negative feelings, anger, fear, guilt, frustration, and everything else they can think of to justify why their life is exactly where it is.

However, the interesting thing is that who they currently are, the experiences from their past, and how they decide to perceive the world in this instant is what defines the life they are living right now, but, the way they are looking at it is their fatal flaw. Have you ever considered that every good and bad thing you have experienced in your past and currently is exactly where you are supposed to be? Sure you say it was not supposed to be this way, but when you look at what reality exists right now for both you and me it is that your life is exactly where it is right now. So it must be true.

Now does that mean it needs to stay like this? No! I can see a different path for you. One that rises up and up until you no longer are where you are now. Can you see it? If not, maybe you should try to. Do not think about what it looks like exactly, but instead just see things as "better." See it a bit more joyful and fun. See your job in a better light too. See it as one that you can find value in and benefit from.

You had reasons for being where you were because of how you have been acting and the circumstances around you. If you choose to resonate and have the same energy frequency as those events, you will continue to stay with them. If you choose to think differently in a more empowering and grateful way, you will rise above them. Then different experiences will come to you.

See it like a diver in the ocean. They start out by putting all these weights on their belt and jump into the ocean. They sink to a certain depth and experience the ocean from that perspective. If they add more weight to their lives (stress, negative experiences, etc.) or let the air (life, joy, love, etc.) out of their vests they will sink. The pressure mounts and the view around them gets darker. No matter how hard they try to swim up, they cannot because of the weight.

Imagine if all the diver did was complain about the view and weight but did nothing about it? They would stay at exactly where they were resonating. Their reality matches the depth they decide to live at. Now, if they change their perception and start to see their reality differently then they can improve their outlook. All they have to do is release some weight (having less stress, giving more love, gratitude, etc.) and the water around them will automatically lift them up higher. This is nature and the Universe supporting them. If only a little weight is removed they will move slowly. So slow it might not even be noticeable until much later. They do not have to do anything else but keep that initial weight off and they will move up. The more and more weight they release and bring lightness to themselves, then the higher they will move up.

So you are the diver, the ocean around you is your current home and work environment. You are living the life you were meant to because your external world reflects back your internal situation. The good news is this can change simply by changing your outlook and choices. Like the diver, if you make some changes do not expect things to change immediately, but they will over time. The more change and weight you remove, then the faster your external world will change. Your home and work experiences will be lighter and lighter. Do not doubt that you will have to release much weight to completely change the view of your world.

How does making peace with your past, releasing weight, and a diver relate at all to quitting your job? The job you have now is based on who you currently are and the level you currently are at. The job sits and the same level and resonates with that depth as well. When you change who you are and release the weight you will rise up and at some point that job will no longer be relevant to you. You will no longer resonate with it and naturally it will have to change. Just like the diver rising up you will get to the point where you will be at a different level and must release the job. The job cannot release weight because it is a just a job and it is stuck at the level it is. The only way the job can rise is if it changes definition. In my case, I was able to change my job definition and myself so it stayed with me as we both rose. At some point, though, it was no longer able to change; yet I continued to, so we had to part ways. That is how making peace with my past helped me to quit my job.

So I ask you, how much weight from your past and current reality are you willing to release?

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