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cPanel HostGator Help

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HostGator provides a great frontend that makes it very easy to manage your domains. They use a product called cPanel for all their hosting plans. Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting customers can also decide to use other host manager programs like "Web Host Manager" (WHM) or "Plesk" if they prefer to. These tools help webmasters perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably. When having problems with HostGator and your domain, these are one of the first places you should go to see what the real issue is.

Unlike many other hosting providers, HostGator has made it very simple to log into these control panels as they are sometimes called. Below you will find details on how to get into each of these web managers. Make note that if you are a new customer, you very likely might have to use the IP Address for your server instead of the Domain Name because DNS might not be fully updated. If so just replace the appropriate place in the URLs listed below.

When you signed up with HostGator you received an email with all the details about your web hosting setup. It is very important that you keep that information safe incase you forget any of the details. If needed you can always log into their billing area to get the information again.

cPanel Login

For the cPanel you can log in via two ways - either using your Domain Name or by using the HostGator Web Server your domain sits on.

  • Via Domain - log into - http://YourDomainName/cpanel
  • Via Server - log into -  (example:

Web Host Manager Login

For the Web Host Manager (WHM) you can log in via two ways - either using your Domain Name or by using a subdomain name off of your existing domain. For those people that are having bandwidth issues, they should replace their domain name with the IP Address of their server.

  • Via Domain - log into - http://YourDomainName/whm
  • Via Sub-Domain - log into - http://whm.YourDomainName

Plesk Login

For the Plesk solution you can log in via two ways - either using non-secure (non-SSL) or secure (SSL) URLs. It is strongly suggested that you ONLY use the Secure URL method.

  • Via SSL (secure) - log into - https://YourDomainName:8443
  • Via Non-SSL (non-secure) - log into - http://YourDomainName:8880

If you continue to run into issues getting into your HostGator Web Server, you should visit their support site and open a support ticket.

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